Abingdon CAR-nival 2017

10th 11th June


Abingdon Motorsport are pleased to release the supplementary regulations for the 2017 Motorsport CAR-nival Stages on Sunday 11th June 2017 at Dalton Barracks, Abingdon, Oxfordshire.

The CAR-nival Stages will feature 8 stages of up to 11 miles in length on almost 100% smooth tarmac (There are a couple of 20 metre sections on grass).  The event is a qualifying round of the ACSMC, ASWMC, AEMC/ASEMC, AWMMC and Cotswold MSG Championships so entries will be at a premium.

How to enter:

  1. Download the XL file, completing the details and saving the document to ‘My Documents’ before simply sending it in an email to Entries.Secretary@aol.com and attaching the form.


  1. Downloading the PDF file, print and complete in the traditional manner – This can then either be emailed as a scanned image (or as a picture using your smartphone) to Entries.Secretary@aol.com.  Please not that if using this method then payment must be made by BACS or card.  Alternatively, trust your luck to the postman and send it to the address shown.

With free camping as well as a BBQ, Beer Tent and Live Comedy on the Saturday evening, this is also one of the best social occasions of the year.

Predominantly, CAR-nival is about serious motorsport but there is another very important element – Charity.  In the last 19 years we have raised funds for the Army Benevolent Fund and a local charity ‘The Friends of Stowford‘   

Organising clubs

  1. http://www.farnboroughdmc.org.uk/ Farnborough District Motor Club

  2. http://www.scmc.co.uk/ Sutton & Cheam Motor Club

  3. http://www.dolphinmotorclub.co.uk/ Dolphin Motor Club

  4. http://www.craven-motor-club.co.uk/ Craven Motor Club


  1. barrygcharlie@aol.com  Questions

  2. pamgcharlie@aol.com  Entries

  3. abingdonmarshals@hotmail.co.uk  Marshals

  4. simonmay@FDMC.org.uk  Secretariat


2016 Rally winners - Steve & Yvonne Furzeland

2nd place

Paul King / Alicia Miles

3rd place

Graeme Bell / Russ Radford

Downloads:   2017 Rally Entry Form.pdf

                           2017 Sprint Entry Form.pdf

                           2017 Sprint Regs.pdf

                           2017 AMC Stage Regs.pdf

                           Sprint categories and classes.pdf

                           2017 Sprint XL entry Form.xls

                           2017 Rally Entry Form XL.xls

                           2017 Autosolo Regs & Entry.pdf

           NEW       Rally entry list.pdf